PackageTrkr provides these features on the new tab

Easy Package Tracking

Being able to track packages is a critical tool if you are a business that is shipping packages to customers. You won't need to type in the long and hard to remember web addresses when you have PackageTrkr. With many popular shipping sites organize for easy reference, you will be able to declutter your workspace and quickly find the carrier that you are looking for. Download now, and you won't have to type in your delivery service's URL again! Access package trackers from USPS, UPS, and FedEx from your new tab page.

Instantly Detect Carriers

Get access to the tracking information efficiently without needing to select the carrier. PackageTrkr is able to automatically detect the correct carrier for a tracking number for the 3 biggest package delivery companies - UPS, USPS, and FedEx. Quickly lookup multiple package numbers and make sure that packages are on schedule for delivery. Get the latest updates on where you package is located so you are always aware of where your packages are.

Better Package Management

Using our tool you are able to perform better delivery tracking with greater speed and that's important if you have multiple packages that need to be tracked. Even if you aren't using a large shipping service like FedEx or UPS, PackageTrkr has you covered with many regional and smaller shippers available such as Hong Kong Post, Japan Post, OnTrac, DHL, Royal Mail, LaserShip, and EMS. These courier and logistics services are helpful when tracking international shipments. Get started in seconds for free!